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Jon Walkenhorst, CTO

Jon Walkenhorst is an innovative thinker that has been engaged for 20 years in transforming products, markets, ideas and technologies into next generation solutions and businesses. His years of experience in this ever-evolving industry has helped him hone his skills in solving complex problems with Studio, Carrier, Service Provider, and Hardware manufacturing and the ability to provide the insight and leadership in vision, quality, efficiency, cost control, team building, and scalable growth that is essential for corporations to succeed in today's market .

The Corporate CTO engages in advising and strategic decision making activities to help innovative organizations be successful at the product, platform, service, and business levels.

Technology Insights

Over 20 years of small, mid, and enterprise technology leadership.

Not every story is one of just success, whereas failure and adapting are still the best lessons money can buy.  I bring over two decades of business and interpersonal corporate experience to bare.   From startups in the 90's and 2000's, to mid level and enterprise, I have seen and experienced many such experiences and the perspective to understand the meaning.  Leadership and and a business level self awareness are all too often the biggest challenges facing every strata of business today.  

I have worked for multinational companies for half my career, bringing the hard fought experience all so often needed in today's growing global economy.  Whether you need a fresh perspective, a deeper dive, an M/A due diligence, or a complete review of your industrial structure, my experience can bridge the gap in your time of need.

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