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The Corporate CTO

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Jon Walkenhorst

Innovative thinker engaged in transforming products, markets, ideas and technologies into next generation solutions and businesses. I have over 20 years of Service Provider, CPE, Access Network, Production, Performance, Operations, and Customer Care experience working and solving complex problems with Studio, Carrier, Service Provider, and Hardware manufactures. Proven leader providing vision and leadership in quality, efficiency, cost control, team building, and scalable growth.


My Career 

I started my carrier in technical at Packard Bell back in 1994 doing phone technical support while working on my computer engineering degree.  Packard Bell exposed me to Windows 95 before it was released and that skill led to an opportunity at Novell at the time they were planning Client 32.  From there I got into technical training and consulting in the areas of Cisco, Novell, Microsoft, HP, Citrix for Keane.  One of Keane's customers, GTE Corp was starting up a new business class DSL product and needed Windows Server and SNA skills to help migrate mainframe to client/server and they offered a position and a move to Seattle to lead that growth.  When Bell South and GTE merged, my division and hardware were up for sale and Vulcan was looking for space and hardware, and offered me a role at a new start up called Digeo, running field operations, IT, TechOps, customer management, and cable ops.  Digeo was Mr. Allen's all-in hope for a wired world offering a ground breaking UX driving a two tuner x86 based DVR with a built in DOCSIS modem in 2003, years ahead of the MSO DVR.  Economics and markets change, and Digeo ultimately made the decision to pivot from MSO to retail in 2007.  I moved to a new gaming startup called Foundation IX, or nine multi-national gaming studios, all combined under one private equity led management team, to consolidate a very fragmented consumer gaming market into a common UX and assets across titles.  My role was to oversee integration, TechOps, IT, and IS. By 2008 with the introduction of the iPhone and mobile gaming, the market changed and mobile took over.  

In 2011 I joined Technicolor to lead Operations for a new JV targeted at retail transactional VOD called M-GO.   We successfully built and launched a complete micro-services based architecture with new UX driven by a content management system, ecommerce with cutting edge CI, all cloud based before the industry really understood the term.  My team included TechOps, DevOps, Customer Care, PMO, and content ops.  After going live in 2013 I was asked to join a new corporate team building the cloud strategy for Technicolor Production Services including security, asset management, content, UX, infrastructure and multi-cloud off-load.  In 2015 I joined Connected Home as the CTO working with Technicolor executive management team leading innovation, R&D, hardware and software engineering, focused on a transition to a services based product offering.  This including working with deeply with Technicolor's R&I team out of Rennes France.  

In 2018 I left Technicolor to bring my 20+ years in technology, strategy, innovation, R&D, development, IT/IS, and operations to those companies that may not be in a position to hire a full time CTO, CIO, or COO, or need independent assessments of products, markets or strategy.