Technical, Strategic, Innovation, and Assessments.

Areas of Practice

The Corporate CTO Approach

The Corporate CTO, led by Jon Walkenhorst, brings more than 25 years of experience in carrier, broadband, IT/IS, post production, VFX, video gaming, product development, SaaS, VR/AR, DevOps and TechOps, strategy and business development. What has been consistent across all of these disciplines and the evolution of their industry over time is the impact and importance of three main areas in conceiving, developing, and deploying new technologies.



Knowing what is happening in the market, industrial influences, and what target segments are looking for can be a challenge when trying to also manage a current portfolio or even heads down finishing the next disruptive product. 



Very often the biggest challenge to NPI success is knowing when markets are going to evolve and be ready for transformation.  Knowing the history, the social trends, and intangibles all help to triangulate success factors when coming to market.



After experiencing market success and  planning the next version of a current product or service, or something more disruptive, knowing the right innovative move, how to build on previous success can be a challenge.  This can be both derivative or refactoring and self-awareness is often the secret over the competition.



Planning Workshops

Planning doesn’t start or end with a whiteboard.  Success is the product of commitment and a strong playbook.  Such a workshop can partial or multiple units gathering and reporting findings and recommendations.

Impact & Market Assessments

A business plan is only as good as the information available use to create the plan.  In order to increase success and minimize risk, having access to an unbiased external review and report of a given market at the industrial or competitive level is invaluable. 


Whether new to the market, or veteran, having a deep tech assessment to uncover opportunities or identify technical debt, knowing strengths and weaknesses all lead to an increased self awareness and ultimately better decisions.


Product Strategy

Understanding the structure of the market is only part of the product success story.  Knowing when to bring to market, what features, and a strong roadmap complete the success factors.

Investment/Acquisition Viability

Whether looking for the right organic strategic move, or leading a technical due diligence or an in or outbound M/A, frequently having discretion and experience can help identify both positive and negative factors before they become a liability.

Potential Partner

Sometimes there is a third option in the build vs buy paradigm and that is to find the right partner.  Whether that partner has been identified or not, having the proper strategy is key to finding and negotiating successful terms and futures.